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Client Testimonials

Both of our pet hospitals have been with iPayment for almost 2 years. We carefully compared companies, rates and services offered and have been very satisfied with our choice. Our iPayment representative, Russ McKelvey has been available and helpful from beginning to the present. We often get calls to switch merchant service companies, but we are happy to stay with iPayment! – Jeanise S. Eaton, Hospital Administrator, San Roque Pet Hospital, Inc.

Since iPayment took over our account at Spring Creek Golf and Country Club, we have lowered our overall credit card processing fees by 30%. More importantly, Russ McKelvey has provided us the personal service we need as a growing golf club. The service is so exceptional, that I have referred him to many other accounts. – Robin Velthoen, Controller, Spring Creek Golf and Country Club

We have been referring our DVM Clients to iPayment for years. Not only have they cut costs for our clients, their service is top notch. Russell McKelvey, the DVM Account Specialist, really understands what it takes to fulfill all of our clients' needs. – Brianna Hyman, Diversified Veterinary Management

We had many choices when selecting a payment solution for our Ecommerce site. iPayment had the best Ecommerce solution available not only because their rates and fees were the lowest we found, but their payment gateway easily interfaced with our shopping cart. I highly recommend using iPayment for your Ecommerce payment solution. – Craig Hickox, Aromalettes

I recently purchased a hospital in California and was referred to iPayment by a practice management consultant. Russ McKelvey and the iPayment team have given us great customer service. They came to our hospital to help set up the terminals and have provided immediate answers on any small wrinkles during card processing. The pricing, customer service, and ease of use make iPayment a great partner for us on the merchant services front. I would highly recommend them to any small business considering a merchant services partner. – Ryan Ehlinger, Main Street Animal Hospital
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